Sailing Vessel Warrior

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Friday February 22, 2008

We have left Puerto Vallarta after four months of extensive maintenance and repairs. Paul and Lyn from Pincoya were there to help us cast off the lines, and the guys from Bandito, the mega yacht that has kept us company these past four months, sent us off with a much waving and a long blast from the ship´s horn which reverberated all over the marina. No one could miss the fact we were leaving after that. We pulled in at the fuel dock which is always comedy central with boats weaving in and out and going in all directions, took on 100 litres of diesel and were finally heading out past the cruise ship terminal for the last time. We spent the next few hours yelling goodbye to Puerto Vallarta as we tacked back and forth out of the bay. We were so happy to be leaving.

We listened in to Don´s weather report and found we´d be having roughly 20 to 25knots around Corrientes so we tacked out offshore so as not to get too beaten up. We tacked out of the bay out past the Marietas and once we were about 15miles offshore hooked a left and started our run down to Zihua. We had a great 12 hours. Rounding Corrientes was one of the best sails we´d had in a long while, with the wind from the NW, behind us, seas 3 to 5 feet, we were averaging 8.5 knots and sometimes surfing at 9.3 down the waves. It was a kick ass ride.

Zihautanejo, Mexico

Monday February 25, 2008

Arrived around 6:30pm, and were greeted by Hooligan waving and yelling as we trundled by to find a spot to anchor. We dropped the hook, tossed the dinghy over the side, had a refreshing "Warrior", our new favorite drink, did a last check to see if we were dragging, then headed ashore. On the way past we stopped by Sweet Lorraine and both Dave and Kelly recommended the Mexican hamburger stand at the beginning of the mall. Robin is not a hamburger buff by any means but we all convinced him to give them a go and so he capitulated. They were kick ass hamburgers and for three dollars each you couldn´t beat them. We ambled up to Rick´s Bar, checked in with the cruisers scene, organized internet for the boat, and had a couple of refreshing draft beers. Pete from Edelweiss strolled past and we also caught up with Lorenzo, the organizer of Sail Fest, and arranged to donate the two computer towers and screens that we have been carting around for a couple of years and rarely use. After that we all were ready for bed and a decent night´s sleep.

Tuesday February 26th, 2008

Our main reason for stopping in Zihuatanejo this time round was so Robin could get his teeth fixed. He had four months in Puerto Vallarta but he really loved the dentist down here which he used the last time we were in Zihua so he decided if they could fit him in he´d rather get them done here. Turns out they could indeed fit him in and began work on him right away. He will be going back tomorrow and the next day and the next. Hopefully he´ll be done by Friday. We know he needs one crown, maybe two.

We met up with the family of Wingstar tonight for drinks. This was the boat Melissa crewed down on from La Paz to Puerto Vallarta and we´d previously met and helped them in Puerto Vallarta, part of those logs during that hazy time of massive repair and maintenance that will likely never get written. They spent New Year´s down in the bays of Huatulco, a place we really want to stop at so we spent most of the time discussing where´d they´d anchored and what they´d done while down there. After a few refreshing baril cervesas we all headed back to the boat and Mel cooked up a fine repast whereby we all subsequently fell into a coma.

Wednesday February 28th, 2008

Robin fronted at the dentist again today and a few hours of drilling later he finally got back to Rick´s looking a little tired. How he can sit through that entire drilling and grinding process without anesetic is beyond comprehension. He admitted it was a little too much today. We fed him a couple of cervezas then headed back to the boat for a wee rest then on over to Sweet Lorraine who had invited us over for drinks and snacks. The guys from V¨ger were also invited and we spent a lovely evening in great company.

Thursday February 28th, 2008

The highlight of the day was a special trip to one of Pete Boyd´s favorite restaurants for Posole. This is a strange soup which contains hominy, chicken or pork, broth, chilis, and it either comes in a green or white broth, then you add condiments such as avocado, onion, chilis. It is so different. Jack and Pete had invited another couple from Canada so there were eight of us altogether. Then Pete ordered an enormous bottle of mezcal and that was shared around the table. It is very different from Tequila being much sweeter, more like a dessert wine in a way. Michelle didn´t care for it so abstained for the most part but all the others got stuck in. It was a lovely way to while away an afternoon.

Friday February 29th, 2008

A leapyear last day of February. We finally got to catch up with Billy from Santa Cruz tonight. It was great to see him again and catch up on all the goss of what has been happening up that neck of the woods. Before meeting him, Robin and Michelle snuck off from the youngsters and found a restaurant in a secluded courtyard, surrounded by cool plants. During dinner two young girls came in selling wares, as is the custom in Mexico, and Michelle decided to play with them a bit. She started looking through one basket of sweets and asked if they had anything made out of coconut. The two girls made a great show of looking for something with coconut and finally had to admit defeat so then the search was on for something made of guava. They finally found something and Michelle asked the price. 10 pesos (one dollar). She gasped 10 pesos? to one of the girls and the other one quick as a flash replied ok 20 pesos then and burst out laughing. They probably have that answer down pat but it seemed so funny at the time Michelle actually handed over 20 pesos to them, 10 pesos each, and sent them on their way.